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April 24: Armenian Genocide Day

Armenian Genocide
Armenian Genocide
Inspired by the music of Eddie Bosnoyan played to me on April 26, 2002

Armenian Genocide

There are narratives of heart-wrenching pain
The public and the national
Eulogies to the heroically slain
The private and the personal
Full of tears like the flood of Noah’s rain

There are days that vibrate and resonate
Anniversaries that are aflame
Memories of a long past, long dead date
That we should never allow to tame
Inspiring pride and justifiable hate

There are men, women and children buried
In graves forgotten and unknown
That amnesia-act too is someone’s deed
So the world will never be shown
The current facade of the evil seed

There are bones at Katyń and Istambul
And Christian skulls with bullet holes
Draining into a bloody common pool
Freeing to heaven their blessed souls
At the hands of the anti-Christian rule

There are Aprils full of blooming flowers
Red Monte Casino poppies
April’s full of warm cleansing spring showers
And light from the hills to the seas
Lofty in heights where Ararat towers

There are April’s full of rotting black graves
Aprils of barbed wire and blindfolds
When men become fate’s unarmed and gagged slaves
Aprils when guns become our lords
And we are sunk on hate’s crimson-dark waves

There are moments when we few lucky feel
“Do you know what day is today?”
“It is my Grandfather’s birthday.”
“Today is the 24th of April…
Today is Armenian Genocide day.”

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