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An Angel Without Wings

Angel Without Wings

An Angel Without Wings

Curtains were moving by forced air as eyes stared out of a frost-covered window, knowing, she needed angel wings.
A television kept bouncing sound through empty spaces – while feet were cold, skin blistered, and time lost.
His fingers long and slender – his eyes hurt, knowing she was watching, and his body jerked when he walked.
She was an angel – yet no one taught her how to fly – she never moved, instead, she shut her eyes.

A friend said she would lock the door, she took everything she would need to speed away without her wings; why?
There was no way out – no walking, no screaming – no strength to toss a chair to break a window.
She lived so high above the earth, and – her wings had never grown, she prayed one day her wings would sprout.
Angels trust and believe – life, is good.

Although she knew it was something in his voice, she heard it, when he walked. . .she heard it.
She told her friend, “If my angel wings had only grown, but there was no way to move, the air – below zero.
Wings, could never lift this body in frigid air, or carry a useless body anywhere.

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