An Angel Without Wings


Angel Without Wings

An Angel Without Wings

Curtains were moving by forced air as eyes stared out of a frost-covered window, knowing, she needed angel wings.
A television kept bouncing sound through empty spaces – while feet were cold, skin blistered, and time lost.
His fingers long and slender – his eyes hurt, knowing she was watching, and his body jerked when he walked.
She was an angel – yet no one taught her how to fly – she never moved, instead, she shut her eyes.

A friend said she would lock the door, she took everything she would need to speed away without her wings; why?
There was no way out – no walking, no screaming – no strength to toss a chair to break a window.
She lived so high above the earth, and – her wings had never grown, she prayed one day her wings would sprout.
Angels trust and believe – life, is good.

Although she knew it was something in his voice, she heard it, when he walked. . .she heard it.
She told her friend, “If my angel wings had only grown, but there was no way to move, the air – below zero.
Wings, could never lift this body in frigid air, or carry a useless body anywhere.

  1. Avatar of Biola Olatunde
    Biola Olatunde says

    The fall through the cosmos, into the density of sluggish thoughts singed her wings and he lit the flame to the final kill. This angel should have learnt how to fly away from human blindness.
    This was how it grabbed me Nancy and I just wanted to breathe.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    You are so kind to have written this and I appreciate you time, thoughts and words. I am sorry that it has taken me forever to answer you – your words mean a great deal, your impression even more. How you have linked blindness to the angel, it means she saw nothing, but felt more. Yes, I do understand. Thank you again – I will try to find all the posts and be here, quickly. My best, Nancy

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