Am I Too Lost To Find Myself?


I try to support him

In every way, I can
I’m just the ‘little woman
To this domineering man
Careers, degrees, prosperity
He has an abundance of it all
I know that I can have these things
But he makes me feel so small
The years have passed by quickly
Am I the only one who sees?
That wife and mom are notable jobs
But they are not what define me
I am a woman with ambitions
That keeps me up at night
I know there’s an artist in my soul
Who yearns to dream and write.

  1. Starfire1712 says

    Wonderful…please add more..this one i can relate to..but in reverse..control freaks come in all forms..both men & women..

  2. Andrew J. Sacks says

    traci, thank you for the fine poem, and I also thank starfire for the fine response and wisdom. We look forward to more of your work, traci.

  3. arnaud says

    Hi, nice poem… and I’m happy you used a picture from a hampatong(ritual statue in Indonesian) from borneo out of my tribal art collection. If you like to see more of my statues and masks please visit my site
    Greetings Arnaud

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