Am I Too Lost To Find Myself?


I try to support him

In every way, I can
I’m just the ‘little woman
To this domineering man
Careers, degrees, prosperity
He has an abundance of it all
I know that I can have these things
But he makes me feel so small
The years have passed by quickly
Am I the only one who sees?
That wife and mom are notable jobs
But they are not what define me
I am a woman with ambitions
That keeps me up at night
I know there’s an artist in my soul
Who yearns to dream and write.

  1. Avatar of Starfire1712
    Starfire1712 says

    Wonderful…please add more..this one i can relate to..but in reverse..control freaks come in all forms..both men & women..

  2. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    traci, thank you for the fine poem, and I also thank starfire for the fine response and wisdom. We look forward to more of your work, traci.

  3. Avatar of arnaud
    arnaud says

    Hi, nice poem… and I’m happy you used a picture from a hampatong(ritual statue in Indonesian) from borneo out of my tribal art collection. If you like to see more of my statues and masks please visit my site
    Greetings Arnaud

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