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All Too Soon

All Too Soon - moon

My love and I went dancing,
on the dark side of the moon,
but there the light was much too bright,
so we stayed till all too soon.

We strolled along the milky way,
on that balmy night in June,
but there the air was much too rare,
so we stayed till all too soon.

We stopped for tea on Saturn,
with our celestial cup and spoon,
but there our things spun off the rings,
so we stayed yill all too soon.

My love, she turned and said to me,
“Oh, my, how late the hour.
Shall we return back home my dear,
to our humble earthy bower?”

“Oh yes,” says I, with starry eye,
and as we passed the moon,
“Perhaps we’ll come tomorrow night,
and stay till all too soon.”

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