All The Time In The World


All The Time In The World
Hewn in antiquity

of fire and ice
rough fell born
in flash and fury hurled
from the high ground

Set in motion
artlessly impelled
downwards tumbling
by such attraction
that demands all
obey its draw.

But my life’s course
stretches far beyond
your mortal grasp
and moves at a pace
measured in millennia
as you count days

I may rest bestilled
in quiet backwaters,
with fragile gossamer
dancing suitors,
a heavy quilt of moss
my besplendoured bed

Then torrent and
boiling spume,
surging anew
cast me seawards
towards a destiny
you cannot follow

Maybe reach the ocean,
traverse the abyss
arrive diminished
on alien shores,
or waste away
before that mark

But beyond your
temporal sight
I will subside toward
that searing core then
enkindled, compressed,
emerge once more

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  1. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Our history is hidden as your life beyond what we know, have known, believe, or how we span into lives lived so long ago we become as marble or drawings in a cave – those who know sometimes remain quiet. Nice. Nancy

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