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The Age of Innocence – Gone Forever

Age of Innocence

Age of Innocence

“I am the age of the wind, bent like the top of a coastal pine tree, young as the flowers of spring, shaped like the clouds on a blustery morn and mysterious as the moonlit shadows dancing through the moors on an October night.

I have counted naught the circles I’ve made around the sun but, instead, remembered the many lives I’ve lived and people I’ve been; each different from the other, each unique and each unrecognizable one to the other.

By day, a white whisp, by night, a lethal mist, to some a savior, to others their demise but to myself, a ghost, nonexistent, a never was nor ever shall be.

I exist only in the ether of imagination sometimes in life and always in death for I am alone.

And that is as it should be… forever.”

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