Adaptations of Being


Adaptations of Being

Adaptations of Being

The pieces of a puzzle lay before me, ready to be placed back together, one a time until the picture comes together-WHOLE. All of my life my pieces have been placed in the wrong part by others…They were not comfortable because they did not fit…I adapted to being:

Too fat
Too thin
Too tall
Too short
Too light
Too pretty
Too ugly
Too stupid
Too smart
Too nice
Too mean
Too withdrawn
Too outspoken
Too brash
Too much of a pushover
Hair too long
Hair too short
Too fast
Too slow
Too weak
Too strong

With all of these contradictions, their pieces could never fit. Today I reclaim my pieces. I no longer choose to adapt to their modified, dysfunctional pieces of my being. I allow myself to take charge of my adaptation{growing} process. I adapt myself into being the whole, healed, strong, and beautiful, not too stupid, not too smart, not too weak, and not too strong. I allow myself to be me…all that I was and all that I have CREATED myself to BE…no longer their controlled being…A reflection of the Creator InDeeD.



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  1. Avatar of Renate
    Renate says

    Now I know why so many people love this site! Love the contradictions in your poem.

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