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Abused and Homeless


Life you never see, inside or out – the young are the victims

Joan’s oldest child
assaulted with
a meat cleaver,
talk about knifes

Mary Beth, her son
hung himself, and
Joes plastered day
and night

Ann is kicked from
time to time,
dragged by her roots
swept across the floor

Agnes picks up
all the broken glass –
while Mama shakes
between an open door

Randy, aborts a child
who sucks its thumb,
moved outside to stare
inside a cardboard box

next to her shopping cart,
a child’s crib –
yesterdays love
swept down open drains

Tomorrow, in the oven…
a love child
Mama’s heartbreak,
Papa’s dishrag.

The hand that cuts a
cord… slowly kills a
child. A life, a mere
parting glass of dreams…

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