Abrasions Lasting Days


Abrasions Lasting Days

Abrasions Lasting Days

Looks and appearances
are not what
they seem in
real life, struggle
hit the pavement
running, fall, abrasions
abrasions lasting days

It seems no
dream too big
too great to
catch and win
up, up, away
we go chasing
running, gliding, sprinting
towards what will
make that dream
happen, past appearances
and looks chit
chat and all
that in the
end-when we
reach Heaven’s gates

It’s not our
mistakes; it’s what
we ran for
went for, stood
for, believed in
and was driven
toward; it was
it will be
our actions, words
unspoken or spoken
a plight for
helping not just
ourselves but others
in the end
the very end
friends that is
where we stand
amongst a limited
shelf-life; expiration
is today unknown.

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