A Writing Never Read


Oh, I see now;

I’ve inflicted this suffering upon myself.
But why?
What makes me think I can do this insane dance once more?

Once again I understand my motives
and the implausibility of my insane beliefs,
yet I choose not to see.

I turn a blind eye away to what I don’t want to see.
Why of all the treasures of this world
would I choose to chase and nurture this one?

Haven’t I learned better by now?
Why after discovering the selfish desires of my soul
do I still long to chase after unreachable and substituted obsessions?

Riddle me this oh invisible audience;
oh blackened crowd;
oh committee in the depths of a mind
so severely abused by concepts of the unknown.

Tell me those who claim to care; those who read with the eyes of skeptics;
if read at all.
Tell me, why?
Why do I do this?

The question with no immediate answer.
The answer that I search outside myself for.
The answer which comes from within me.
Within…..yea, that’s a place I choose not to visit.
I know it all to well though.

Scary and mystical things lurk around dark corners in that place.
So, I will continue to look to the misinformed for answers that will never be given.

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