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Hush! – A Woman Passed This Way

A Woman Passed This Way

Hush! – A Woman Passed This Way

Sometimes it is the softest touch that makes a woman blush
Not the harsh touch of the brute, not the lightning brush
Sometimes only lips need to be kissed – twice
Or dropped on the upturned hand – a single cube of ice

Sometimes words are not nearly enough, but a wink is too much
The gentle breath of the darkest night, a fleeting memorable touch
Women are like the flowers of Eden, a fiction to explore
Hidden behind some Fort Knox like… Cerberus guarded door

Sometimes all that it takes to have the flower blossom and open
Is a kind word, a gentle hand, a soft voice, that which we lack, we men
Sometimes a woman cries for no reason, and rain would be kind
Then a soft pillow and a warm blanket are hard to find

Sometimes all it takes is a chocolate milkshake and jokes
Nothing – in other words, that can’t be handled by us savvy blokes.

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