A Timely Poem

A Timely Poem
The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dali

A Timely Poem

There’s never enough time,
Wanting you or not,
I’ve solaced myself,
Waiting for buses on Broadway,

Getting me to my 9:00 x 5:00,
My hat sometimes taking wing,
My dress dancing to an unheard melody,
While admirers look on,

Pigeons squatted,
Screaming for more room,
More food,
Always more food,

Not wanting the others to think me Ordinary,
I wore a mask,
I was an actress for sure,
I was Mary Tyler Moore.

There’s never enough time,
You busy in your world
Me busy in mine,
Wanting you,

Or not,
To talk and to cuddle,
Would answer my prayers,
I seem to have lost my Tongue,

My lips, my smiles,
My eyes are lost without you,
I will find them only when You return,
I cannot find enjoyment,

My days soiled without you,
Forlorn prose and Bleeding Rhyme humor me,
As I sing for you and Only you.

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