A Simple Rain


Simple Rain, A Simple Rain

The earth is hushed
Those with places to go hurry inside
As outside the sky
Opens up
Sorrow splits the light
Windows crack open to catch the sound
Of God weeping
Over creation

Determined tears set to work
Washing away the dust,
Caressing away our
Selfish mess

Ebb and flow
Picking up speed with dazzling beads of lightSimple Rain, A Simple Rain
Slashing down in
Sliver quick flight

Human noise dulling to a distant thrum
Quieting gently the angry pulse
Traffic lights smudging to a
Removed softness lit aglow

Then a last promising violent fury of gathering force
Before finally fading away with job undone
It was much too big a task anyway,
Maybe even for God

The homeless emerge once again from under the eaves
The beaten and downtrodden return to re-light their smokes
Lining up against Social Services and hospital walls
While somewhere at the edge of a forest the
Undiscovered bones of someone’s long forgotten child
Resume their longing wait

All of it barely touched
Set glistening for a brief moment
Before sighing away on a dying hopeSimple Rain, A Simple Rain
As the sounds of life pick up again

Yes, much too big a job
For such a simple rain,
To clean up all of these stains
We’ve made

  1. Anonymous says

    A beautiful piece.

  2. Cynthia Emily Griggs - Niswonger says

    Thank you so much!

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