A Scorned Child


A Scorned Child

A Scorned Child

A scorned child
wears no smile
hidden by a
frown he hangs
his head looking
for his place
in the world.
He searches for
laughter, his world
is encompassed by
chaos left on
a doorstep one
dark and frigid
night scorned child,
He is only
five years old
Left on a
door having to
find his place
In a new
home, no caring
parents to speak
of and a
floor he sleeps
on at night
He wears his
shoes on the
wrong feet not
knowing how to
simply tie them
no one bothered
to teach him
he wasn’t important
enough to her.
Scorned child left
on a doorstep
no consistency to
speak of in
his daily life
world is that
of a grown-up
yet being five
He dresses himself
feeds himself shoes
left untied until
he reaches his
classroom, scorned child
Left on that
doorstep, “I have
to go now,”
she says, “I
will be back.”
Mom has more
important things to
do than to
teach her son
what shoe goes
on what foot
Her life plays
that of a drug
a drug tune.
She left him.
A scorned child
Sobs, as he
is put on
the bus to
go home, does
not feel like
he has a
home, he has
no room, sleeping
on a bitter cold
green tiled floor
television remains on
all night long
No one reads
to him until
he gets to
school. He ha
s a book
read to him
for the first
time by a
teacher, his teacher
a boy, five,
feeling more loved
at school than
he has his
whole life, He
searches for his
place in the world
looking, still today.

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  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Meg, fine, sensitive, and important work.

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