A Roadway to Our Past


A Roadway to Our Past

A Roadway to Our Past 

Bewildered by past lives
To search a pyramid, 
monument of fear. 

I fought, and pleaded with 
imagination, controlling 
space – inside my mind. 
Could this be me stretched out,
adorned in jewels, a face
etched in stone?

Isolated – a mist of blue
circles me – captures
familiarity as passing
years rapidly decrease
time, a roadway to
our past – brighter.
Time disappears –

In the stillness of dawn
a strange disc reflects
light, a star-filled with
peacefulness sucked out
fear – godly figures, in
my field of vision.

No need to speak,
mingled in a thick haze –
commands made.

A calm in the desert
now ice crystals pointed
rocks – magnifying a
runway, a zone of
indestructible nature –
Blasted bellows of
bravery – wings clap into
shallow air; eyes speak,
rivers cry, mountains
dissolves, a soul dies –

The world changes – or,
is it a world at all?
A cave – a fissure cut
thru limestone by a
swirl of water, now

A woman stands alone,
preaching to a violet sky.
Enormous waves of energy
circulates, as blood –
brings about a  shiver in heat;
creeping closer. . .

born through light –
bodies as thin spindles
flowing, not solid – hands
wave, draw me closer to
strange faces who cast a
respectful gaze.

As if Monet painted
lilies in their field, as if
rain changed a forest to
a spectacle of color.

“I kiss your hand,
although matrimony is
a trivial state, we do not
let it enter into our love
affair. ”  I hear words
yet no one moves –

“You were chosen
for this voyage to learn
basic truths; wealth is
from soil, love is a
constant state of mind.

Those who were chosen
mortally – wounded by
earthly tricks. Yet here,
the courageous are the

A terrain of meadows
surrounding us, and no
fear – our energy is love,
a land filled by secret paths.
“Soil, will not degrade,
nor will our sun harm
your skin – moisture
will not evaporate – no
need to compromise,
we all are living legends
of the past –

Your hospitals, insane
asylums, penitentiaries,
are filled; a result of
children brought into
your world, to swell.
Where you are going
if you choose to fly from
here; we have no disease,
no pain, no needless
slaying on our street.
Here, we are not too –
busy, to care.”

A stream of knowledge
explodes inside ill-nourished
brains. Educated, by mere rays
of our sun, cured
of bad habits; they tell me
“once you’ve lingered
long enough to heal.”

Two, embrace a stream
of light, as if to be alive,
a woman clings to water
fingering her way to
touch haphazard pebbles
in a stream.

Although we cherish freedom –
how free is free? How far away
must we fly? I felt a pull, turned
and noticed you were naked too.

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