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A No-Brainer

A No-Brainer

A No-Brainer

(for my 65th birthday) 

Without warning while walking down the stairs 
My brain questions the nature of existence 
Receiving no answer to who, what, and where 
I’m spooked by the cranial resistance.

Constrained by the skull’s barrier of bone
Pushing in vain at consciousnesses’ seal
My brain has no chance of going it alone
Or increasing its capacity and zeal.

The size of the complex sums involved
Make a paradigm shift unlikely
Even if such a change could evolve
Our cosmic standing would still be tiny.

Chanting the mantra of those who dare
While pinning my hopes on quantum machines
Also begs the question of why then there?
And how much of reality is dreams?

Peering into the dark depths of space
I go giddy at the prospect of time
Racing ahead at a blistering pace
To a future that will never be mine.

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