A Moment


A Moment

A Moment

It only takes
a moment for
someone to harm
your child, a moment

for disgrace to
run rampid, free,
wild. It takes 
a mere instant

for an accused
to be released
a moment for
a molester to

be set free
A second for
a loved one
to say words

of kindness minute
to make a 
call to tell
another I love 

you. A second 
for a life
sentence to be
let go in

the air as
a balloon freely
flying amidst the
storms of the

harmed. It only 
takes a moment
for all charges
to be dropped.

A moment that
a child, spouse
friend can never
get back for

the attack was 
real to many
yet so many 
walk the streets

freely; not enough
physical evidence at 
best a moment,
a second, a

mere blink of
time lost by
victims of violence
the penalty, crime

falls on the
broken angels, fallen
from the skies
wondering why heaven

would release such
people to hit
beat, rape, molest
and yell until

yet another cry
more tears; he 
has shed not
one tear from

his soul; walking 
free the man
the guilty man
that was sitting
on death row.

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