A Message Whispered, a Plea Screamed!


A Message Whispered

A Message Whispered

“You do not,” she whispered, “come to me; I come to you!
I come when I wish it, not when you beg for it.
I come when you need my strength,
when you can’t carry on or when you are ready to give up.

I know of your need and I will fulfill it
but only on my terms.
I choose when you laugh, cry, moan in ecstasy
or grieve in the pain of constant mental anguish.

Whether morning or night,
be it either cold or in the warmth of a bright summer day,
you cannot resist, you must submit for I am the one within.
You know me better than yourself.

You know I am real!
You know I will comfort you,
make you feel well again,
help you to understand, and give you a smile.

It is who I am, but – WHO-ARE-YOU?
It is time to bury the lie,
acknowledge the truth and allow me,
no, allow us to live and be finally free!
My name is Rebecca and you are me!

  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Fine and thought-provoking work, R H!

    1. Avatar of Robert Politz
      Robert Politz says

      Thank you for the kind comment Andrew. Perhaps it will strike a nerve with some.

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