A Free Me as Perceived by a Dream


free me, A Free Me as Perceived by a Dream

The switch turns on, the stage is setfree me, A Free Me as Perceived by a Dream.
My expectations don’t get met.
I try to fix it, but I get
strife and sorrow as they cry.
It is wrong, why do I try?
I cover my fears with lies.
The day has come to shine
on the lie I feel fine;
but the night, sweet like wine,
comes calling me home.
Yet I choose to roam.
So fully alone.
Called by a knife,
where there is strife;
this is my lifefree me, A Free Me as Perceived by a Dream.
Who am I?
What am I?
Where am I?
Lost here
in fear
with tears.


Lights out.
No doubt.
By myself
brought this hell.
still addicted.
Chained to a power
that haunts the hours.
This disease haunting me.
Will I ever be free?
The bondage within my soul
has put me in a dark hole.
It’s emotional suicide,
a process from which I can’t hide.

I wake to find peace of mind.
The night left me far behind.
I wake, I rise, refreshed.
Still held by my regrets.
I find a new day.
A new and free way.
To cope with me
I try to be
so easy
so pleasing.
It’s hard,
I’m scarred.


Here now.
awake and
happy to be
alive and blessed to
a brand new life. How
come I walk a free man?
‘Cause I see the misery
of others in this world of fools.

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