A Conversation with my Conscience


A Conversation with my Conscience

A Conversation with my Conscience

If I ruled the world
I would step down on
my very first day
Just before one of
several armed factions
had come my way

A cowardly act?
Don’t give me that
Bullshit about principles
I’ll see how long you last
When a rebel threatens
to lop off your genitals

Even if I could end poverty
Peacefully with a stroke of a pen
How long would it take
To give everyone
A fair piece of the cake
Before corruption
Rears its ugly head again

Cynical? Noooh, Not at all
Realistic is a better call
Greed enforced by military might
Throughout history
Always wins, right?

What about geopolitics?
OMG, not that blood-soaked deceit
Defending a nation’s interests
By committing even more atrocity

What really frightens me
Is `the survival of the sickest
Natural selection matches
Power to madness
Creating leaders who are
Narcissistic and vicious

Even if I could reduce government
To its smallest workable unit
Politicians would still be free
To promise the earth
While making things worse

If you could really change things
What would you do?
Probably run to my bed
And hide under the cover.
Waiting until l heard’
The earth’s huge sigh of relief
At the end of hunger

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