A City Street 1875


Hitching posts line

cobblestone streets,
awnings open to shade
a window of glass; a
windstorm, iron floats in air.

At the entrance to a store, 
leans the proprietor against
a wall of brick; his focus the
city street – branches twisting,
turning between blooms
of a dogwood tree.

At Center Street a
wooden box reads,
“Deposit trash.”

A horse, upset, swings
a wooden wagon as he leaps
to free himself; tied to a 
hitching post.  Youths wearing
knickers – dash to fetch fruit
bouncing off the wagon onto

A proprietor stares as a horse
defecates in front of his property;
summer heat will keep his door
closed – air will be stale until men
who clean city streets, who 
carry shovels; clean the air. 
Until then, it will be a quiet day.

Nancy Duci Denofio (c) revised 2013  all rights reserved

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