A Church To Be


A Church To Be

A Church To Be

If Jesus was a macro-influencer
In his dad’s divine meta universe
Would Christianity find new purpose
In the western world’s first virtual church?

The interior would be infinite
To house the boundless holy spirit
And a stream of climate activists
Like Noah, whose plans know no limit

All avatars would be warmly welcomed
Even the fiercest non-believers
But proselytizing would be banned
As would secret confessions to preachers

Praying is an individual act
With no need for priestly guidance
While over-reliance on piety
is a sign of spiritual blindness

Congregations flash into existence
With a tap and swipe of a mobile phone
Connecting views without connivance
On questions of faith and the unknown

Non-stop sermons streaming seamlessly
On a stable quantum computer
would guarantee everyone a say
on scripture past present and future

No ceremony and ritual
Worshippers prefer gaming,
water-to-wine miracle stunts
or nuns dancing in TikTok framing

Collection plates are still in use
Gliding thru the air like frisbees
Lighting up when a donation is made
In block-chain cryptocurrencies

In all aspects of the virtual church
Possibility knows no boundaries
Except when dealing with brain-washed Zealots
or born-again revolutionaries

The message to all brethren is simple
In this strange place, we are all equal
governed by only one rule, which reads
in big letters: Let love drive out evil.

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