What Purpose Does Man Serve?


What Purpose Does Man Serve?

Is there any logical reason why something as enduring as our beautiful planet should be ruled over by its most fragile life form?

Since mankind emerged to become the dominant species, everything around us has been destroyed at our hands. Over the countless millennia of man’s existence, our planet has suffered terribly under our stewardship.

What Purpose Does Man Serve?

We have burnt and clear-felled vast tracts of forests, drained swamps, flattened mountains, diverted rivers, made barren, lands previously covered in lush growth in order to grow crops, plundered natural deposits like coal, oil, and gas for fuel, all to benefit just one species – us.

And yet because of our fragility, we could so easily be destroyed. As a species, we continue to rule, over all other living things – why? What possible benefit to our planet do we represent? What are we for?

Logical reason dictates that we should have perished many thousands of years ago. After all, despite our attempts to tame her, Mother Nature continuously tries to destroy us and everything we represent.

To make up for our fragility our brains have evolved, enabling us to outwit and outthink any danger presented to us by our planet and any other earthbound species.

Planet Earth lies in the path of continuous extraterrestrial destruction in the form of meteorites and other unseen dangers from the depths of space. According to our scientists, she has been hit on many occasions in the distant past causing planet-wide exterminations of previous dominant species. Yet her most destructive life form still continues to survive.

If ever a planet seriously needed outside help it is our own beautiful home – planet Earth, third body from our star in the system Sol.

  1. Avatar of andrea anderson
    andrea anderson says

    Mankind is our worst enemy.

    1. Avatar of Jack Eason
      Jack Eason says

      I couldn’t agree more Andrea. As the self appointed stewards of this beautiful planet, we leave much to be desired, don’t you think?


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