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Generational Technologies

Every generation has ‘marks’ showing major political and cultural conditions that affect them.

Every generation has new technology.  In the old days, technologies changed so slowly that just one of two big changes would be enough to mark a generation.

With the dawn of the 21st century that seems to have changed, in that adaptation to technological changes may not lead to stable conditions for as long as they had in the past.

Amongst the changes in my own little world are learning the new flat-screen TVs in our satellite, HD world.  Right now this means that I have had a look at whether or not my son’s PS3 and my laptop and my TV are compatible of not.

I have learned that the laptops we own are not compatible with our TV, at least, not using the HDMI cord.  Most likely there are connections that will still really work.

Maybe that’s not much, but right now I am watching a movie from a few years ago portrayed as having occurred about 15 or 20 years earlier than when they made it…

It is about young adult men from the DDR – which I never learned to call East Germany until I lived in Germany and my son came home from school and told me that they told him a bit about the DDR, but did not describe it to him as having been filled with demonic monster “Commies” and their enslaved poor people desperate for the material wealth they believed there was over in the West.  They told him about it as if they were just real people over there.

I’m not so brainwashed that I didn’t know they were all also just more people, but I was a little weirded out that the [West] German schools were so relaxed about actual Communists.

Anyways, this is a little review of German practice from a movie made with people who might remember the DDR from when they were very little but it has either not been like that their whole lives or have not been like that since they were really very young – maybe before they went to school.

Yes, that may seem a bit rambling, but sometimes I can understand what the German actors are saying …in a backdrop of my own beloved and sorely missed the USA.

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