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Roland Bouverie is a media mogul whose tentacles spread worldwide. Long ago he avoided the temptation to join the internet generation and is now finding that his business empire is in serious decline and decides to now take down this technology. He has the money and the determination to do so, irrespective of the outcome. This, he feels, is personal. The global ramifications for this relatively new technology is immense, with very few avenues of civilization not affected. Does society really know how to cope without the internet?

A really thought provoking piece of work, and yes, it did make me realise how we as a society are so reliant on this fairly new technology. This is well written and kept my attention all the way through. A big thumbs up for D.P.Nicholls and this fascinating, and thrilling book.
─ Barbara Levy

Wow! This may be a work of fiction, but how scary are the implications of losing this technology. A great read and can recommend this as a ‘must read’
─ M.Brett

Why has no one ever written this scenario before? Great read.
─ J. Marks

5 stars for this ‘can’t put down book.’ The concerning aspect is that this ‘could’ happen!!
─ N.Khanzadeh

excerpt-300x50Edition #44 – July 28, 2013


By D.P. Nicholls

“I’ve come across some tough people in my time, Bill. I’ve been through five recessions, and yet I’ve come through it all. I employ 90,000 people world-wide, and all from nothing.” Pointing at Bill he continued, “You know better than anyone, my friend, that we got up to bad things when we were kids, but we learned from that. Through sheer hard work, some good decisions and a bit of luck, we gave happiness to the masses.”
Crichton thought to himself that Bouverie had forgotten to mention the many people he’d crushed on his way up.
“I’m damned,” Bouverie continued, “If I’m gonna let some stupid electronic box – invented by some four-eyed masturbating professors, beat me.”
“I assume you’re talking about the Internet?” Nothing of significance went on within Global Media without Crichton knowing about it. He even knew the content of the board meetings before Bouverie did.
“You’re darned right I’m talking about the Internet.”
“So what are you going to do about it?”
“What am I going to do about it? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do about it. I’m gonna do what I’ve done with everything that’s stood in my way before: I’m gonna smash it; I’m gonna put the Internet out of business once and for all.”
Bill took a long swig of his drink and, knowing that his long-time friend didn’t have a sense of humor when it came to times of trouble, he chose his words carefully. “Haven’t many people tried it before? Okay, so they might have created a few problems here and there, but as far as I know, ‘once and for all’ is a big statement.”
Bouverie came over to his friend and, with determined sincerity replied:
“No one has ever had the money and the desire that I have, and it isn’t up for discussion.”
Crichton didn’t react to this comment. He’d learned years ago that ideas that he thought were crazy, normally materialized once Bouverie set his mind to things, and that by the look on his face, he was certainly determined.
“OK, so how do we go about closing down the Internet?” Crichton asked.
“Bill, that’s why I pay you a fortune and why you’re gonna die a very rich man. I want you to find out how – but make sure it’s done soon. I want you to keep me posted on a daily basis and, by the end of the week, I want you to have answers for me”
Whatever Bill Crichton thought privately he never showed it, and that’s why he’d stayed friends with Bouverie for so long. He swigged back the last drop of his whisky and started to walk out. Just before he got to the door he turned round to Bouverie.
“I assume the rest of the Board isn’t aware of your idea?” he asked.
“Are they ever?” replied Bouverie with a smile.

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D.P. Nicholls lives in London and spent most of his career within the advertising industry.

A sales and marketing professional, who for many years specialised in the recruitment advertising industry.

In recent years David has been instrumental in developing and running a number of online sites, both in Publishing and more recently within Healthcare

Specialties: Online sites including Health, Publishing and Employee Engagement.

He became fascinated with the reliance that we all have on the internet and tried to imagine the implications should a doomsday scenario occur where the Internet was taken down.  

When he’s not writing, he runs one of the largest writers groups on Linkedin called ‘Aspiring Writers’ where he encourages new writers to hone their skills.

Website – Facebook – LinkedIn

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