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Checklist for Aspiring Writers
We can all benefit from a set of simple pointers and a little preparation to get our cherished thoughts on paper and eventually get our book sold and read by a large audience. The challenge of the writing experience has its own ways of rewarding the writer, psychologically and sometimes economically.

But first you should ask yourself the following:

Do you want to inspire your readers by sharing your work and introducing new concepts and ideas into their lives, making sure they enjoy themselves right up to the last page of your manuscript?

Have you got this story inside of you that starts to become an obsession, but you are unsure how to go get it on paper, much less how to get it read, critiqued, edited, and published?

Did you start to write a book but are presently stuck because of the intimidating publishing industry and the myriad of existing books and authors already on the market?

Are you unsure if you’ve got what it takes?

These types of questions and doubts are common to us all, so let’s start with some answers. With the professional help of experienced authors in our community, I will continue to try and unravel some of the mysteries while navigating through this unknown landscape to help you overcome the most common hurdles in contemporary writing.

1. Think about your book and make a small synopsis in a few sentences.
2. Read up on the subject matter and do research.
3. Write a trial chapter.

OK - So you actually want to write this book? - Yes?

Then write down your answers to these questions:

1. What is your motivation to write this book?
2. Do you know of similar books and stories and what do you like and/or dislike about them specifically? (What is the competition you are up against? – Any best-sellers among them?)
3. What will make your book different and remarkable, and a must-read?
4. Have you figured out what the content will be in terms of beginning, middle, and ending?
5. Will your book be based on personal experience or on a case study?
6. Do you plan to use illustrations, mention resources, make summaries, and/or use expert opinions or quotations?
7. Are you already using the Internet and social media to bring your stories and articles to the attention of fans and peers?
8. Whom do you trust enough to give you honest and constructive guidance on a regular basis?
9. What options do you have available for publication? Self publishing, print on demand, or conventional publishing using literary agents or publishers.

Once you have thoughtfully completed this exercise, you are on your way to publish the book you always wanted to write.

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