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In 1990, Megadeth released the platinum, essential metal CD, Rust in Peace.  Heralded as a classic since, twenty years later, Megadeth commemorated this anniversary by touring the year of 2010 playing the entire CD as a whole for their fans. 

This tour was concluded with an evening at the legendary Hollywood Palladium and presented to us as Megadeth – Rust in Peace Live, a CD where the entire classic Rust in Peace CD is played for the first time live sinceits relases twenty years prior.   The energy of the crowd is prevailent before the leader of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine, shouts, “Good Evening”, to them. 

From this point on it is a no nonsense, brutal assualt on the sonic senses starting with the classic “Holy Wars – The Punishment Due” and running through all of the classic live staples, “Tornado of Souls”, “Hangar 18” and “Holy Wars – Reprise”.   The band breathed new life into these songs as well as song s that had never been play live before, “Five Magics”,” Rust in Peace – Polaris” and “Poison Was The Cure”.   “Rut in Peace Live” is a classic case of letting the music do the talking as there is very little interaction between the band and the crowd with the exception of the introduction of the band, Chris Broderick – Guiter, Shawn Drover – Drums and the loudest cheers were for Bassist – David Ellefson, who rejoined the band for this tour after 10 years.

This line up played these tracks with renewed energy that was there in the original recordings of these track.   As if the crowd needed more, the band continues the unleashing of classics on them during the encore.  The frenzy turns up on notch with the opening introduction into “Skin O’ My Teeth” and contunes through “Trust”, “Symphony of Destruction” and reaches it peak with the classic, “PeaceSells”, where the crowd turns it into a sing a long.   This live recording has everything you want and is an excellent reintroduction to this classic CD.  Recommended for everyone. Four fist pumps out of Five.

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    Great review! I look forward to more!

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