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England’s Lost Tradition


England has no traditions at least not any more
The ‘lovies’ who run the proms have stolen them that’s sure
We used to sing and bounce along with shanties we could sing
Take on the orchestra have fun but it seems these days are gone.

No longer are the wishes of promenaders taken in
The ‘lovies’ have taken over the last night of the proms
No more will we bob up and down to shanties that we love
Or challenge the orchestra in a hornpipe race and other fun we had.

Gone are these songs we once held dear to please the ‘lovies’ friends
Educate the plebs you hear but thats not what was planned
Music for all was the dream but others have different ideas
And those who que for days and days for tickets for that special night
The last night tradition of fun and music are disappointed here.

Oh woe is me oh woe are we and every English man
Our one tradition our one night is taken from us to a man
Sir Malcolm Sergeant got it right so popular was he but now
Expectations of the fun to come is dampened by the ‘lovies’
No shanties sung, or bouncing up and down, no traditions nothing left.

All through the evenings of the proms we have enjoyed good music
All we want is one evening for us the English our traditions and music
To sing, bounce, celebrate have fun at a festival of music for the people
So sod the ‘lovies’ give us back our TRADITIONAL LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS
Sad to say that is all that England has left.

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