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You wouldn’t believe how much attention astronaut Chris Hatfield caught when he sang Space Oddity on the International Space Station.

It was a magical moment in a genre where we should expect a cover-up. I can’t imagine an Edward Snowden type character fleeing with NASA secrets to Beijing, or Moscow. We live in a machine run society. Machine clocks wake us up on time. Some rush to work by accessing their home computer, while the rest of us have to wait for a train, or bus, or streetcar.

We have GPS, satellites roving the planet and other robot-run vehicles in places in the space beyond.  Electrical gadget command our attention, including iPhone, or iPods.  There are some people out there who even believe extraterrestrials run our civilization.  Mind control is only possible through gazillion dollar advertisement campaigns.  The Internet is filled with rumors. Think your perspective is out of the box, you wouldn’t believe this video below. Maybe the psychedelic era prepared us for the belief in the thinking that all us humans live in a holographic style existence.

  1. Avatar of Paula Boer
    Paula Boer says

    I wake up to my grandfather clock’s chimes. He was made in 1768. I work from home, surrounded by nature. The only man-made things I can see in all directions outside the window are what my husband and I have built (we live off-grid so not even a powerline). I write (sometimes) with a pen.

    Of course, I am typing this on a laptop, using satellite technology to communicate with you…

  2. Avatar of Craig Murray
    Craig Murray says

    I found this article at best confusing. It is titled about Chris Hatfield, has a picture and a link to his music video and yet the article itself has nothing to do with him.
    There is an opening sentence where he is referenced and then the rest is a rambling bit of paranoia about cover-ups, mind control and machines.

    Whenever someone writes they have the opportunity to actually write something meaningful, something that adds to the fabric of life.

    You could have written about how amazing it is, how historic that the very first music video ever produced, the very first intentional musical performance ever performed by a human being in space occurred recently.
    You could have written about how a thousand years from now, when humanity has spread to the stars, we will know when the first musical performance away from our birth planet took place.

    Instead we had a ramble and a video supposedly made by a dying NASA scientist, which is about as believable as any of the other secret discoveries you read about on the internet.

    1. Avatar of Paul Collins
      Paul Collins says

      Craig Murray,
      I think you are WAY TOO CRITICAL. A person who is that critical about everything destroy what is creative.

  3. Avatar of Craig Murray
    Craig Murray says

    It is not a question of being way too critical, it is a question of looking for what is good.
    I am creative, I love creativity, but throwing mud at a wall and saying it is great art, well, that’s crap.

    You opened with Hatfield and then added nothing of merit in your writing about the subject. Did you speak about him being Canadian, spending half a year on the ISS, making the first music video in the history of mankind shot in space?
    Did you in fact say anything other than
    “You wouldn’t believe how much attention he got…”

    Yes, in fact I would believe it because like millions of others I saw it on tv, on the internet, in the newspapers etc.

    Here is the real truth, the one thing some “writers” refuse to admit and hate.

    Writing has to be good. Writing needs to be done with skill and effort and attention to what is being done. I spend a great deal of time reading. I go through submissions sent to me, I read stuff people ask me to read, I read almost everything I can that is posted here, I read other online magazines
    and wanna know the great truth???

    90% of it is utter and total crap
    90% of those so called writers demand to be taken seriously, demand to be respected, demand to be considered real’ writers
    WHILE AT THE SAME TIME intentionally and actively refusing to ever make any real effort at good writing.

    Writing isn’t just about giving yourself a hug and saying how wonderful you think you are, writing is a service, a business, a real thing like any other real thing.

    If I sell you a car and you complain that it does not drive, has only three wheels and is made of cardboard, you are not going to accept my explanation that
    “You hate my car because you hate creativity”

    Here is what to do.
    Read your own article here.
    Read the title, read the content and then say

    “What was it I was trying to say?”
    “Did I have a clear message?”
    “Was the body of my text consistent with the title of my text?”

    You have an article that is 2, just 2 paragraphs long and yet in that space you mention

    Chris Hatfield
    Stolen NASA secrets
    China and Russia
    a machine society
    mechanical transportation
    alien world control conspiracy
    mind control
    and a link to a video about as real as a politicians promise

    All this in two paragraphs.

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