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Chris Hatfield – Space Ship Super Star


You wouldn’t believe how much attention astronaut Chris Hatfield caught when he sang Space Oddity on the International Space Station.

It was a magical moment in a genre where we should expect a cover-up. I can’t imagine an Edward Snowden type character fleeing with NASA secrets to Beijing, or Moscow. We live in a machine run society. Machine clocks wake us up on time. Some rush to work by accessing their home computer, while the rest of us have to wait for a train, or bus, or streetcar.

We have GPS, satellites roving the planet and other robot-run vehicles in places in the space beyond.  Electrical gadget command our attention, including iPhone, or iPods.  There are some people out there who even believe extraterrestrials run our civilization.  Mind control is only possible through gazillion dollar advertisement campaigns.  The Internet is filled with rumors. Think your perspective is out of the box, you wouldn’t believe this video below. Maybe the psychedelic era prepared us for the belief in the thinking that all us humans live in a holographic style existence.

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