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Almost a Bomb Girl: Josepheen is a one of a kind songstress, originally from Toronto. She has always loved to express herself through the performing arts both vocally and poetically.

Her singing and spoken word have earned her gigs in showcases, commercials and in film. From an early age ever since she can remember the gift of song has been her constant companion. The future songstress watched her sister sing Diana Ross songs, as she modeled white patent leather go-go boots.

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Seeing her sibling use her pipes put the whole idea of vocalization into a new light. Through the years another area of creativity for Josepheen has been through her outlet as a spirited hairstylist. You would be sure to hear her exuberant embellishments accompanying the music overhead filling the salon space, as she went about her day and attended to clients. Her eclectic style, expression of Jazz Classics, and exploring her own brand of contemporary soul, makes her quite unique as a sought after talent.

She sings at venues throughout the GTA including, lounges, weddings, and religious events. Josepheen has also been a licensed subway and street musician bringing something special, a refreshing change of atmosphere to onlookers around the city of Toronto.

Josepheen’s most recent venture is a collection of Jazz Standards done acapella on a twin CD entitled, Simply Moi*.

She refers to her overall style of sharing as, ” “e x p r e s S i n g s ” . “I came closed to starring in TV’s Bomb Girls,” she sighed with a smile, “oh, well, maybe next time. Someone else got that gig, but it may happen again. It may happen again,” she told me inside Starbucks on Queen Street in Kensington Market area of Toronto. Look for Josepheen. . . around town, you may be fortunate enough to find her enhancing summers’ downtown streets while wearing one of her signature Sunflower Fascinators…

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