Snow Moon Stars and the Oscars


Snow Moon Stars and the Oscars

Snow Moon Stars and the Oscars

‘Snow Moon’ was without a doubt, one of the most talked-about upcoming films in Hollywood during Oscar week.  Mid-February, Alexandria knew anything could happen within a ‘Snow Moon’ Month.

For months, Alexandria Altman; writer, co-producer, and star of Snow Moon, planned to return to Hollywood for four weeks, which included Oscar week and all the festivities.  She knew promoting Snow Moon and her favorite charity would be enjoyable, and heartwarming.

The start of Alexandria’s trip began without her ‘knowing.’

“We were stopped by a storm which swept through the area, it was heading east but stalled right above us.  My Executive Assistant was traveling with me; she and I decided it would be safer to stay in a hotel along the side of the road than risk our lives.  Cars were not moving on the roads – the ice was so thick some roads were closed.”

I asked Alexandria what she did while stranded inside a hotel room for a couple of days.

“Well, the two of us re-read my novel, and each and every time I read it I become more involved with the characters, they are not all fictional, at least the main characters – since the movie is based on my own life; Snow Moon is told like a fairytale.

So as read, I wanted more, but I understood I had told it all, at least in the first part of the saga; I could feel my heart start to beat with enthusiasm, and excitement; it’s a real feeling of accomplishment.”

Alexandria and I are both excited about Snow Moon, and I wanted to know how it felt for Alexandria to be back home in Los Angeles.

She said, “I felt like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz; I’m Home, and extremely excited to meet my film family.”

Alex has spoken so highly of her casting director and friend, Stanzi Stokes, the expert who placed each star in the best position for Snow Moon; she discovered Leonardo DiCaprio and would be at my side for the entire time.

“The time together was put to good use,” Alexandria told me, “we cast some interesting people.”

To everyone’s surprise, Stanzi and Alexandria would spend countless hours casting.

Alexandria told me they spent quality time with the Stewarts.  Booboo Stewart cast for the character, Jacque Franchey, in Snow Moon; known as Seth Clearwather of the famed Twilight Saga.  In May, he will be starring with Hugh Jackman in the X-Men.

I was thrilled to hear the news; Booboo would be part of Snow Moon, what a great fit.  I loved him in Twilight, and the news keeps getting better – I mentioned to Alexandria.

Then Alexandria said, “We discovered the Giant – Bebeaux.”

Bebeaux, according to Alexandria and Stanzi, walked right through the door.  Nils Stewart, from the movie, Planet of the Apes, spoke one word – Alexandria looked at Stanzi, and simultaneously they spoke, “There’s our Bebeaux.”

But – they weren’t finished, in comes Booboo’s little sister, Sage Stewart, now cast as the last fairy for Snow Moon.  Her character is the Oakly Fairy.

Even though I was two thousand miles away, I could see and hear Alexandria, her voice and smile, when she talked about the Stewart family, and how proud she was to have them on board; her fairytale had come alive once more.

If you think we are finished with casting, you are wrong – we have two more.

We want to introduce Jamie Brewer from the American Horror Story – she is cast as Aroura, the fairy of the night.

Bruce Logan, whom you will remember from Star Wars for his work on visual effects and cinematographer – need we say more . . . is now our visual effects and cinematographer for Snow Moon . . . need I say more?  Welcome aboard Bruce Logan.   Once again here I am all excited with Alexandria – and still two thousand miles apart, but I can see her smiling.

Now, having read Snow Moon, knowing the characters, watching it breathe and coming alive – I feel my own character, Aunt Faden, come alive when I talk about the cast of characters coming together.

Alexandria told me a Snow Moon Group Party was held on behalf of her Birthday, and some of those present were; Ina-Alice Kopp and Lou Wegner, Nichole Cummins, Gabrielle Stone, Dee Wallace, Sean Stone, Alan Howarth, Melody Roland, Michelle Orr, Booboo Stewart, Sage Stewart, Nils Stewart, Bruce Logan, Stanzi Stokes, Dee Wetzel, and many more.

She had the time of her life with her Snow Moon family.  She said, “My only wish was to have my Aunt Faden, (Nancy Duci Denofio) and the Queen of the Fairies, (Darlene Cates), at the party, but they were with me in spirit.”

Alexandria mentioned, “Now that my birthday was over it was Oscar time.”

If you wanted to get in touch with Alexandria during Oscar week, her address – Rodeo Drive.  She was one of many getting ready for Pre-Oscar week.

They were all arriving for Oscar Week; the brightest people in show business; famed, beautiful, talented, all to honor the best picture – best actor – best actress and so forth, at the Academy Awards.

“So much love poured out from person to person as we greeted each other from one event to another.  It was non-stop from five in the morning until late in the evening.

I wanted to know what her expectations were for the week.

“I knew the week would be very busy what I didn’t expect would be Snow Moon catching such an enthusiastic crowd of film people, interested in my story, it was so emotional for me and humbling.”

Alexandria continued to tell me. . .

“Peter Del Vecheo – Producer from Frozen, walked up looking at Snow Moon, wanting to know more about the story and the writer; I certainly never expected to see him.  I was thrilled.”

She continued to tell me more.

“Then, the four nominees from the Hobbit who were so enchanted by my story, Snow Moon, when I thought it wouldn’t get more exciting – a very tall slender black lady asked me if I would formally make a statement and sign one of her movie posters to the prime minister of Kenya stating fifty years of freedom, to be placed in a museum in Kenya; I was amazed.”

Alexandria was there to represent a charity to help save lives.

When Alexandria and I continued to talk she makes a note to tell me, “This isn’t about me but about the project and all those who have climbed aboard to support my life story as a fairytale, and it is amazing to say the least.  When a writer can take her life story and place each and every detail into a mind grabbing fairytale that grips you from the start – it carries you through to the end, and this is a saga.”

Alexandria expressed to me, and others, “This has never been done before in this manner, taking my personal story and putting it into a fairytale.”

Alexandria’s tone of voice is filled with life; you can hear it over the phone, and I know she is smiling a little wider than normal.  I hear a slight giggle in her voice, she said, “So the story began…”

The famed Publicist David Kuff – representing many stars also was in the picture – he remained with the stars the entire time. Rumor has it Altman and Snow Moon also made a deal with David along the way.

Did she say rumors?  She said when it comes to rumors; the Producers are now being quiet due to some of the largest Producers and Directors setting up meetings for the Movie Snow Moon and secure which they feel will be one of the largest deals made in Hollywood on a five part book /movie deal and that of course is Hush Hush Biz – until later on when time to announce … she did say that!

To all of the Snow Moon Stars – it was fun bonding – Altman/Howarth was all smiles and pleased with the huge success Snow Moon made and its’ grand star line up – they love their team.

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