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Books And Movies

Do you like any movie better than the book it’s based on? I guess one could hardly find such a motion picture?

Probably the reason is that usually, movies are much „shorter” than books, so oftentimes books’ most important ideas and thoughts could not be a part of the movies based on them.

However, I remember a few motion pictures (only two actually) that are at least a few levels up their stories written on paper.

Yet, both The Little Mermaid and The Little Prince are longer than (or equal to) their text versions…

Probably most teenagers, or even a lot of adults too, prefer to watch the movies than to read the books they are based on. I don’t know whether they could change their opinion…

But I’m certain that any writer could improve his/her writing so that any potential reader could enjoy his/her works much more.

Being a writer, I could name a few ways I’ve heard for improvement of the written stories, like avoiding the dull, tedious explanations, or the long, unnecessary sentences, etc.

Though I’d love to know some other opinions of readers, writers, or movie fans, concerning what should be done so that movies could be more like the stories they are based on, or books could become more attractive to any reader.

Readers’ and movie fans’ opinions are what any writer should bear in mind, right?

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    Jack Eason says

    Often you find the movie to be a great disappointment when you have read the book. One particular story comes to mind, that of “Papillon”. The movie stopped short. There was far more to the story than just the escape from Devil’s Island…

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