Your Fashion Personality


Your Fashion Personality

We all have a fashion personality or style, which may change over the years. Sometimes our style is a mixture of two.

Knowing your fashion personality will help you when trying to build a wardrobe. There are four dominant fashion personalities: Dramatic, Classic, Sporty, and Romantic. The following descriptions and pictures will aid you in identifying your fashion personality.

Fashion Personality

Your fashion personality is DRAMATIC if you wear:

  • Bold prints, geometric design, leather
  • Tailored cuts – form-fitting
  • Striking accessories – bold – angular designs – shiny
  • Bold belts and unusual jewelry
  • Unusual shoes in different textures and dramatic makeup colors
  • Sleek hair







The classic personality has an elegant, traditional look and wears timeless garments. She is poised, conservative, and always appears to be well organized.

Your fashion personality is CLASSIC if you wear:

  • Plain fabrics, well-tailored suits, houndstooth, and herringbone weaves
  • Timeless, tailored clothing
  • Medium-high quality fabrics – cashmere
  • Expensive looking jewelry – elegant – pearls, chokers, gold, silver
  • Low to medium pumps, slingbacks, designer accessories
  • Finely textured hosiery
  • Soft natural makeup
  • Softly styled hair







Your fashion personality is SPORTY if you wear:

  • Casual, informal, and comfortable
  • Natural woven fabrics and soft knits
  • Simple straight skirts
  • Unstructured jackets, cardigans, sweats
  • Jeans, jumpsuits
  • Simple jewelry or no jewelry at all
  • Traditional soft bags
  • Low heels, loafers, athletic shoes, boots
  • Little or no makeup
  • Easy care hair





Your fashion personality is ROMANTIC if you wear:


  • Medium to lightweight fabrics – silk, crepe, jersey, angora
  • Softly blended florals and plaids
  • Plunging necklines
  • Dainty jewelry that has sparkle – dangling or loop earrings
  • Small feminine bags
  • Dark makeup, dark lips
  • High heels, strappy pumps,
  • Fine-textured hosiery
  • Hair is full, layered, tousled -likes to wear it up







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