Your Art Reveals You!


Your Art Reveals You

Your Art Reveals You

Your art tells your secret personality – Look around at the art you choose to display on the walls of your home.

See what colors repeat again and again. See what story your art tells about you. For example, my home sparkles with red, yellow, and blue, as do my paintings. Each of these three colors burns with intensity.

Red beats a strong drum while yellow plays a trumpet higher and higher and blue with opposite power plays the cello descending into infinite depths. Is a person’s or a couple’s choice of colors revealing? I think so.

The first color expert, Sir Isaac Newton, who created the color wheel, which shows the way colors relate to one another, thought so.

What Color Choices Can Tell:


Energizing hue that invites happiness, power, authority, and fame; diluted into pink and you have love and healing energy. Too much red, however, and it invites conflict and stimulates tension. Dare to wear red and expect all kinds of excitement.


A lively color preferred by geniuses that connote healing, emotions, and intelligence, and promotes harmony and happiness. Watch out for terra cotta as it stimulates the appetite.


Keeps people grounded and represents prosperity, success, personal power, and/or a logical, highly developed intellect. A space without yellow becomes an energy drain after a while.


The nurturing growth color, reflects freshness, spring, new beginnings, good health, prosperity, and fruitfulness and brings feelings of harmony that heal troubles and poor health. I grew up in a greenhouse, inside and out, my Mom’s favorite color.


True blue is the peace-giving, soothing, harmonious color that relaxes and fosters creativity, confidence, and life in balance. The expression about ‘having the blues’ must come from the almost black, dark, foreboding blue of the dark night of the soul.


The color of wisdom, the sage, royalty, very psychic and spiritual; diluted into a lilac color and it imparts dreamy romantic moods. I love the richness I feel when I wear purple.


The earth color that represents stamina. Painting a tree brown never seems to look right. Go out and look at the barks of trees and you may just be amazed at what you see.


The color of the void represents silence. The people I know who dress nearly exclusively in black frequently keep their silence with strangers.


The color of purity can indicate a person is highly evolved. This bride wore white and married the wrong man—guess she hadn’t lived long enough to become highly evolved.

Almost no space has bare walls. You can practice people pegging whenever you are in their spaces. Look at their color choices for clues about their personalities.

  1. Avatar of MiriamSPia
    MiriamSPia says

    This was inspiring, and made me look at the art at my place a new way.

  2. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Barbara, I always value your articles on art. Thank you so much!

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