8 Signs That You Are Wearing The Wrong Lingerie


The Wrong Lingerie

The Wrong Lingerie

The kind of lingerie you choose plays an important part of your personality. With different lingerie styles, you can look more confident and enhance your personality.

Most women are not aware of the right styles and correct sizes in lingerie. And, wearing the wrong lingerie can affect your dressing & fitting as well. You need to select the right kind of lingerie to look perfect. Do you think you have the right mix of lingerie styles? Do you think that you feel comfortable in your lingerie?

Listed are eight signs that you are wearing the wrong lingerie, read on.


Size is important while selecting a perfect bra or a panty. If your bra size is small, it’ll make your breasts look out of shape. Also, your panty size should be perfect so that you feel comfortable. Selecting a wrong size bra or a panty can affect your personality as well. Know about your correct size when you buy new lingerie.


This is another important factor in choosing lingerie. You don’t really realize but if you are not comfortable with your lingerie, then it can also affect the things you do. The bra you select should be ultra-comfortable. The panty you select should make you feel relaxed. Wearing the wrong lingerie can affect your comfort and style, so choose carefully.


Do you feel irritated with your choice of lingerie? Well, then you got it all wrong. If you feel irritated, wearing a particular bra or panty, then it is time to change. Most women also experience pain under breasts with the wrong choice of bra. Replace your bra and panty if you feel that it just doesn’t fit you right. Also, if there is a line or redness around your breasts, you are wearing the wrong bra.


Can you move freely wearing a dress you love? If not, then you need to change your lingerie. If there is no free movement in your bra or it’s too tight, then you are wearing the wrong option. If your panty is too tight, you won’t feel that comfort level to move freely. Make the right choice, as it’s important to feel relaxed in your choice of lingerie.


Your breasts should look firm and you should look confident in any dress style. But, if you are facing the problem of sagging, then it’s about time to change your bra. Sagging of breasts is common if you don’t choose the correct size in a bra. It also affects your overall breast shape. Stretching is also a common problem with the wrong bra size.


Do you know that the elasticity of your bra or panty is so important? If the elastic is not right, it’ll affect the shape and size of your breasts. It’s important to choose a bra with good elasticity. If it’s loose, then simply replace your bra. This also goes for panty style. The idea is to get a great grip and feel comfortable.


A little of the cleavage never hurt anyone, but the spilling out of your bra is never a good look or a good feeling for women. But overflow can be an issue, especially when you have a bigger chest. If your chest spills over, then try going up a cup size so there is more coverage for your twins.


We all are usually guilty of wearing our favorite bra over and over again. Though, unlike your favorite jeans, bras don’t fit better as time goes on and on.

A report says that bras, especially those with molded cups, can gradually begin to lose their shape after a while, totally depending on how frequently you wear them. This is surely a sign that you should replace your favorite bra so you can go back to making your silhouette as smooth as possible.

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    Wow, really you explained very well, Yes most women are not aware of the right styles and correct sizes in lingerie. And, wearing the wrong lingerie can affect your dressing & fitting as well. Thank you so much , You are looking great, I like your dress, and your article is very informative thanks for sharing this blog with us. As all the fashionable clothes are not meant for all body types, it’s also true for bras, while one bra can be comfortable for you, it might be a nightmare for someone else, you have to choose the right bra as per your body and your dresses. I have list boss of Lady http://www.fashionstudiomagazine.com/2019/07/styling-tips.html Thank you so much

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