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Top 5 Urban Gardening Ideas for Tiny Outdoor Spaces

Urban Gardening Ideas

With the limited space in an urban garden, one must be creative as you don’t get the easy way out which is landscaping. Here are five excellent gardening ideas to get the fresh vegetables for an afternoon salad and still have a beautiful, inspiring outdoor area in which to relax.

Consider structures for holding planter boxes and containers that are out of the ordinary. Vertical staircase-type shelves, otherwise known as a vertical garden, work well to group small containers of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Use narrow planter boxes or line up containers on each row.

The staircase shelves can go as high as you like and can be made of wood decorated brick, or any other creative material. Lettuce, green onions, chives, mint, cilantro, and many other plants don’t require much space.

The planting of peas and other vegetables can be done in deeper containers next to patio fences for their vines to grow. Flowers such as sweet peas create fragrant, colorful blooms as their vines grow along the fence.

Inexpensive clay pots can be painted in a variety of techniques adding a personal touch and turning a simple pot into a work of art. Use a non-toxic paint to protect your vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers such as roses and lavender.

Tomatoes grown in hanging baskets are not only attractive but are very prolific and easy to reach, not to mention no staking. Kits containing everything you need are sold in many home and garden stores. The space below the tomatoes can be used for a small wheel barrel planter and wheeled aside for picking ripe tomatoes.

Hanging baskets can inexpensively be watered with a garden hose attachment and reach the rest of your garden with ease. Many have an adjustment for different types of spray. A watering system can also be installed above the hanging baskets for low maintenance, and a drip system for water conservation can be designed for your entire garden.

Considering good garden maintenance, flowers attract beneficial insects that pollinate, such as bees and butterflies. Marigolds add color while protecting your vegetables from harmful insects, such as aphids. Ladybugs and praying mantis are beneficial insects that eat offending insects. They are the urban gardeners’ best friends and are often sold in agricultural stores. Ladybugs and praying mantis are beneficial insects that eat offending insects and help with gardening care.

A small plant in a vintage watering can or another decorative item on a small table or end of a rustic bench can be just some of the ways to add to the ambiance of your outdoor space. Get creative with staircase shelves, colorfully painted containers, hanging baskets, low-maintenance watering systems, and beneficial insects.

Then all you need is a small table, chairs, and good company to enjoy a delicious salad, salsa, or any creative dish from your garden. Don’t forget the garden care and then you can fully enjoy your new garden setting.

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