Twelve Ways to Find Your Path Using Tarot Cards


Are you searching for your direction in life? You may be hoping for fulfillment in a meaningful romantic relationship, close family ties or a satisfying career … or all of these.

Twelve Ways to Find Your Path Using Tarot Cards - girl-in-snow

These are all worthy goals, but how to achieve them? Tarot cards can help you find the answers and direction that you need. Drawing cards from the Tarot deck has long been a way get people started on the right path, one that will lead toward material and spiritual growth.

Of course, an important part of the process is relying on a trustworthy advisor to help you interpret the cards correctly and implement their message in terms of the right action for you to take in the future. This is exactly what you find at Kasamba Tarot Reading, where you get 3 minutes for free!

Here are 12 ways to use Tarot  cards to find your path:

  1. Harness the power of the visual. Each Tarot card has a unique image that is rich in meaning. The Tarot  spread gives a visual, symbolic representation of your life situations and questions, which is clearer and has a stronger impact than merely thought or verbal discussion.
  2. Ask probing questions about the issues that are closest to your heart. A skillful Tarot guide will use the cards to arrive at specific answers to your yes/no questions, no matter how personal they may be. For example, you might ask, “Is the man or woman that I’m dating my true soul mate?”
  3. Develop a trusting rapport with a deeply spiritual being, your Tarot card advisor, who combines a heaven sent gift with the experience and confidence that comes from having helped many other human beings along their journey. He or she will bring a new perspective and see you more clearly than you or others around you.
  4. Clarify your goals, strengths, and weaknesses in all area of your personal and professional life. Explore the inner you to find out what you have to offer in any relationship, as well as aspects of your personality that would be worthwhile to improve.
  5. Uncover blocks that are keeping you from realizing your dreams. For instance, a reversed Tarot card usually indicates life lessons that you have not yet adequately absorbed. Gain an understanding of how to get past painful experiences and trauma and move forward with your life.
  6. Identify the type of person who will make your ideal life partner. A Court Card will provide vital information about who this person really is inside while a Major Arcana card such as the Moon will let you know where they are at in their life right now. In practical terms, this means that when you meet the man or woman of your dreams, you will already have advance information to help you understand who they are and the life challenges they face.
  7. Clarify whether you are choosing to surround yourself with the right people. If you are constantly let down by those you consider friends or if your colleagues are less than cooperative, use your Tarot advisor’s guidance to examine the type of people you associate with and improve the quality of your social and business interactions.
  8. Determine whether your current situation is right for you. For example, if you are married but are currently experiencing a feeling of restlessness or questioning regarding your spouse, you can attain a clearer perspective by consulting the age old wisdom of Tarot.
  9. Learn about the best time frame for various crucial passages in your life. Find out the most opportune time for you to consider making significant life changes, like when to move ahead and get serious about a relationship, change jobs or take certain steps to advance in your career, try living in a new city or country and similar actions.
  10. Gain a deeper understanding of health challenges that you may be faced with. An example of this is arthritis, which may be caused at least partly by unresolved emotional issues deep in your past. Ask the Tarot cards what is causing your pain and how to move beyond into spiritual freedom and improved health. (Of course, this is in combination with treatment by a reliable health practitioner.)
  11. Confirm advice received from other sources. One case might be if you are consulting a financial advisor and are not sure whether to proceed with a certain investment that he or she has recommended. Simply request confirmation – or the opposite – from the Tarot deck.
  12. Develop a detailed picture of your dilemmas and the answers that Tarot brings to you. When you consult a Tarot expert online, you will be able to save transcripts of the interpretations that you receive. Reflect and meditate on them. Over time, you will be able to perceive new nuances of their meaning and based on that, ask more questions to achieve ever-deeper insight into your ideal life path.

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