True Motherhood


Motherhood is a special quality and can also be seen as a vocation.

The mere fact that a woman makes the sacrifice for enduring the many discomforts for nine long months before giving birth to a child or children proves that she has stamina. Not many women are willing to endure the pangs of this journey, more or less to give birth.

true motherhoodNevertheless, some women endure the discomforts, give birth, but do not demonstrate true motherhood. A woman must be matured and responsible, before she can exhibit the quality of motherhood. Motherhood is being responsible for the nurturing and upbringing of a child or children according to the mores of society.

It is sad, however, in this generation, that many women who give birth are young, immature, and irresponsible, so, even though they are mothers, they do not demonstrate true motherhood. Some of them are not prepared to adapt to the changes in their lifestyles. They want to live carefree lives, while they entrust the burden of caregiver for their children upon other women who exhibit the quality of motherhood.

In many cases, grandmothers, older sisters, and other older female relatives and friends, find themselves trapped in the dilemma of caring for children when they are neglected by their biological mothers. Even though these women may not choose to undertake the task, they comply anyhow and do marvelous jobs in nurturing those children. Their love for children, along with their maturity breeds responsibility, and they qualify as having the quality of true motherhood. Motherhood is indeed a vocation.

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    Eva Blaskovic says

    This is a wonderful article. Thank you for pointing out what it takes to mother. The job is indeed a vocation. It’s so much more than “Here’s your food and shelter.”

    Not all young mothers are irresponsible, but a lot depends on the level of responsibility and values they were raised with, which is partly societal. It is grossly unfair to trap others (because they care) into raising one’s own children. We all have duties and obligations to the decisions we’ve made.

    Children are wonderful. You can do a great deal with them. Involve them in your life. However, they are a commitment. Parenting requires one to be mindful and consistent, even to sacrifice. But the seeds you sow early always bear fruit. (I have raised four children.)

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