Nine Types of Art Buyers


Art Buyers’ personalities determine the most appropriate art seller’s introduction, pitch and close techniques in conversation with individual art-buying prospects.

A Jungian scholar, I have studied why people do the things they do and act the way they act since the early 1990s and I hold the U.S. Patent & Trademark for her personality typing system Character Architectural Technology. As an artist and art seller, I have experienced these specific buying patterns for art buyers–


TYPE 1 – RIGHT DECISION BUYERS – I want to be sure I am making the perfect choice before I make my buying decision. That means the right style of art in the right location that reaffirms my good taste every time I look at it.

TYPE 2 – SENTIMENTAL BUYERS – I hang art on my walls that either comes from relatives, friends or artists I like. Every one of my paintings has a story I love to tell.

TYPE 3 – GOAL-DIRECTED BUYERS – I buy only the best I can afford and it will work well with my decor and create an exciting impressive ambiance. Many times my art purchases are also good investments.

TYPE 4 – WORK-OF-ART BUYERS – I want the unusual art people don’t see everywhere, that causes a stir. But that’s just one part. It must speak to me in a symbiotic way, and make some connection or I have no reason to buy.

TYPE 5 – BE BACK BUYERS – Trust takes time. I am curious about your work. I like being a knowledgeable buyer, in the know. I’m in no hurry and I’ll keep coming back to it until I buy or lose it to another buyer.

TYPE 6 – HOME-IS -MY- CASTLE BUYERS – I love my home and spend time looking for and finding wonderful things to make it more enjoyable. Answer my questions amiably to my satisfaction and you can often turn me into a collector. I like taking people with me when I am in the market to buy. I definitely listen to their thoughts and opinions as I go through my decision-making process.

TYPE 7 – DREAM BUYERS – When I see something I like, I buy. I often buy in pairs, triples and more. I collect what I like. I fall in love with things and enjoy them immensely. If I love your work, I will collect as much as I can afford, maybe even more than I can afford, because I must have a painting.

TYPE 8 – DEAL-MAKING BUYERS – No one sells me. I sell me. I am the only one who can. I buy what I want at a price that works for me. I may come find you with exactly the picture in mind that I want you to paint. I always know what I like and I make decisions quickly.

TYPE 9 – IS EVERYBODY HAPPY? BUYERS – I am clear about what I want. Still, I will run it by others in my life and I will concern myself with avoiding arguments or offending sellers.

Can you find yourself in the Nine Types of Art Buyers? Do you feel you are a combination of two or more of the Nine Types of Buyers? I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Andrew J. Sacks says

    Combination. Certainly the work; certainly concern about house space and perfect spot for display. Thanks for posting your usual fascinating work.

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