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Regarding The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

Things to question or talk about – Regarding the Bermuda Triangle

If you are interested in the unknown, I would appreciate your thoughts regarding the statements below, and others you may know about.

In 1945 five bombers left Fort Lauderdale, flying over the Bermuda Triangle, all five planes disappeared.  A rescue plane supplied by the navy disappeared.  Some say they were snapped out of reality, but to where?

There is more to Christopher Columbus concerning his trip across the Atlantic.  The log revealed while traveling to find a New World, the compos malfunctioned, at the same time, a fireball hits the ocean.

In 1970, a man named Gurien spotted a strange cloud above the Atlantic.  He said, “It was donut-shaped, and a hole in the center containing dark swirling lines.  At the same time, the air patrol lost his plane on the screen, he explained the electronics malfunctioned.  They found him three minutes later.

The exact spot is what some people call “The Zone of Silence.”  A zone filled with powerful energy.  Perhaps this is the gateway told by Albert Einstein, “A burst of energy to get where you want to go?”

Highly magnetic dark holes, as told by those who have seen the opening in the sky.

Ships return to shore, completely empty of a once, existing crew.

Unexplained, why equipment stops working.

Nothing works around this area, including cell phones, radios, etc.

Could this be a larger rotation, a pinhole we read about throughout the universe?

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