Take A Chance?


Take A Chance

Take A Chance

I decided to stop whining about how it is and how it’s supposed to be.

I decided to accept my life the way it is. Wherever it may take me, there I will be, no planning, no judging what others are doing or having. I decided to concentrate on my life, how it looks to me in the mirror, how it’s working for me. No more jealousy or influences whatsoever of what is seen on TV.

To live a simple life, one day at a time, trying to make a peaceful environment for the people that surround me. To be busy with what I have done or didn’t achieve is taking so much of my energy. Maybe it’s time to relax a little bit.

Maybe it’s time to lower my expectations about everybody around me, and especially myself, and try to accept the obvious: that dreams may come and go as an unaccomplished desire.

So why should I spend so much time trying to make them come true, while the moments of now are slipping away every second that I don’t pay attention to them?!

It just might help me become more aware of what is really important at this moment in my life. It’s right in front of my eyes. Maybe it’s time to become aware of reality, that is actually an important part of the whole picture.

The missing pieces of this whole thing that we could accomplish!? After all, once you feel accomplished, you are really happy, content, full of positive energy.

The only question is if it is possible to live without any expectations? No desires that distract your mind. Is it possible to live without the words: I want …. I need…. I should buy….? I wonder how long can I go on without shopping, so …

I decided to dare myself for the next month. I will avoid unnecessary shopping, buy things only for the house, not eat out, I will keep a diary and let you know if it has changed me at all. Maybe it will lead me to understand that it’s all nonsense, that it didn’t contribute anything to my life.

Maybe it’s just impossible nowadays to minimalize your life when the tendency is opulence, there is so much of everything.

So no luxury purchase of any kind, if there is anybody out there who wants to try this with me, by all means, let me know if it works for you!

  1. Avatar of Sandra
    Sandra says

    I’m with you Smadar – I’ll certainly give it a try!

  2. Avatar of Misty
    Misty says

    Yes Smadar, I think you SHOULD stop whining!
    Get a life!

  3. Avatar of Misti
    Misti says

    What a great idea! I love it for very diffrent reasons. I feel accomplished and content in my life, but feel there is always something that happens in our lives that makes us realize those “things” are not important. It is the people and the love that complete us in the end not that designer handbag that I do love so much. Good luck!

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