Om Brzee Namaha

As a Woman Writer Living in a Foreign Land


Om Brzee Namaha

Om Brzee Namaha

I need to make being a writer financially support me –
or else I need to give up and let the real
solution come to me. 

Health care has a lot of new openings.
Well, I feel I need to sell better
but I still want it to be fun. 

That being said, check out Uranian Fiction
and you can also go to YouTube afterward
and search Om Brzee Namaha and
in the end, you’ll know what I mean…


This chant is some Hindu thing that is supposed to really help.
It isn’t a Christian teaching and it is not meant to be an attack on Christianity as far as I can tell.
It’s meant to help resolve financial issues.

  1. Avatar of Claudio Vincenzo Ferrara
    Claudio Vincenzo Ferrara says

    It is funny, funny, funny. Wishing you good sales MiriamSpia…. but be careful with those chantings … the gurus and stuff, cheeky little monkeys… if you go back to your origins – Christianity, hmmm, good luck again… perhaps the new Pope is a fine fellow, just with a dark circles around his eyes… otherwise he might be a good connection to your financial advances.

  2. Avatar of ndamus19
    ndamus19 says

    The Brzee mantra is worth your time. The you tube videos provided by Dr.Pillai really work. There are many testimonies of the Brzee mantra online. It is the ultimate wealth mantra originally found by the great yogi Vishwamitra. It will get you wealth and happiness if chanted sincerely. If you want more info on this mantra just google for results or contact me via I have been to Dr.Pillais seminars and trust me he is the REAL deal. Anyway best of luck with the mantra and I wish you best of wealth also!!! You will get the wealth desired !!!!

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