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Let’s face it…Life can be boring and sometimes a real drudgery. Another day at the office, another bill to pay.

I and millions of other women have found that a good story relieves that feeling of malaise that almost blank eyed stare we all get when we face another shift or another dull meeting. A deeply involved story where your heart begins to pound and your mind opens wide just as you dive into that book. We all love that swept away feeling and especially through a hot (possibly paranormal) steamy love story!


I live in that world most of the time, dream it, feel it and even write it, and I found out to my surprise… that I am not alone.

I spent my life at labor jobs and day-dreamed of the places and characters from the books that I read. I had been writing a story, and I started it in 1996, I had worked on it off and on for ten years. Finally, one day my kids retired me from working and said, “Write and pursue your dream!” And well… I did! I have written 6 books in less than two years, and I have a new series ‘The Beasts’ coming out from Wild Horse Press.

I started a website called the Soul Circle and dedicated it to unknown authors, listing their covers, blurbs and websites. This is all free to authors and readers. A deep love of books pays me well for this service. I kept building it, and I now list 122 books written by 65 authors of various genres. There are twenty pages on that site! It is not just a webpage anymore it’s now a place to visit and even stay awhile.

Through this wonderful journey I met others that share my love of the extraordinary. We grew together (these other friends and me) and we formed an organization The Paranormal Romance Guild. “Where the pursuit of extraordinary love, romance and passion is first and foremost,” Some of the members are authors but we have many readers too. As a matter of fact; the readers are the ones that have taken on the duties of the organization as we authors in reality are a bunch of distracted dreamy-eyed individuals.

Why should you join? Well, in the future we are planning to have a huge convention filled with many different authors and dedicated readers. With unusual events for readers, giveaways and readings that will raise your heart rate! We will all meet there, a large group of individuals from all over the country that have one thing in common. Our beliefs in making dreams come true and for the love of the story, our fascination for the words that bring us away from ourselves and away from our hectic and sometimes boring real lives.

We all feel the same way about life in general; do what you feel in your heart, expand your own sun-eclipsing horizon and follow that dream, whatever it may be. You are not alone, and your life does not have to be tepid and dry. Reach out and get inspired to practice your art, your craft and find your real creative self. If you surround yourself with other dreamy-eyed individuals that encourage you, understand your drive and help you to step out of that box? You may just finally lift your head up and say,

“I do want an Extraordinary Life and I’m ready to pursue that dream now!”

Bonnie Lea Elliott (Leanore Elliott – Author and promoter of books)
Captive Souls, Soul Surrender, Aura Visions and the Three-Book Beasts Series

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    Kristin Fouquet says

    I’m so happy you were able to pursue your extraordinary life. Best wishes, Bonnie.

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