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Limit Your Smartphone Time To Help Save Your Relationship

Limit Your Smartphone Time

Limit Your Smartphone Time

Do you get annoyed every time you see a loved one with a phone in hand? Smartphones can be the biggest disruptive factor in relationships. We will tell you how to deal with this and avoid ruining your relationship.

Most of us know what it feels like to be ignored for the sake of the phone: you say something with enthusiasm, and at some point, you realize that the person is not listening to you. And, on the contrary, you have probably noticed that browsing through the news feed on Facebook, you are carried far away, right in the middle of a conversation.

More people are using distraction gadgets every day. The typical Americans check their smartphones every 6.5 minutes (about 150 times a day). And this becomes a serious source of relationship problems. For example, in one study, 70% of participants said that constant phone distractions made it more difficult for them to spend time with their partners. How to deal with this problem and avoid stress? How do insecurities affect relationships? We will tell you 5 simple ways to keep smartphones from ruining relationships.

Why is it so important to get rid of this habit?

There is also such a thing as phubbing: the habit of constantly being distracted by a smartphone. The problem is not with the gadget but with the use of it. If you use the phone only to communicate with other people, that’s okay.

But, if a person uses a smartphone to escape from the real world, from real connections, from real relationships, it can become a disaster. In this case, a person does not want to work on a relationship, resolve a conflict or pay attention to a loved one; it is easier for them to distance themselves from “difficult” work using social media or a game. There is no future in such a relationship. Sooner or later, a dependent person’s partner will get tired of indifference and lack of attention, ruining the relationship. So let’s take a look at useful tips for improving the situation.

Don’t keep your phone close at hand

Take away the object of your temptation. When you are working or relaxing, put your phone in a place where your hand cannot reach it, for example, at the other end of the room. You should not test your willpower and keep your smartphone nearby. By the way, it is better to turn off the sound of some notifications, let the phone beep only on an important occasion – work mail, messages from relatives.

Set a time to talk

How to deal with ruining a relationship? Get in the habit of setting aside half an hour (hour, two) every day to sit down and talk. You should not choose a topic in advance; let the conversation go freely – discuss a day, find out what events your partner is concerned about. At this time, you need to put your gadgets aside and enjoy each other’s company.

Learn to stop

Surely it happened to you that you took the phone for a minute, and an hour passed unnoticed. While you flip through Twitter, a message comes in on Facebook, and while you reply to it, a new video comes out on YouTube, and so on in a cycle. So how to get over ruining a relationship with your smartphone? Try to plan your smartphone time. To start, you can control the time and avoid using your phone for 15-20 minutes every hour.

Replace the habit

When you are comfortably sitting on the couch, pick up not a phone but a book; by the way, you can install an application for reading books on your phone. So you will kill two birds with one stone: get rid of the useless pastime on Instagram or Facebook and acquire a new good habit that will help you become calmer and strengthen your relationship.

Free zones

Choose gadget-free places in your home. It means that being in this place, you cannot pay attention to your phone (except in cases of urgent calls.)

Such places must be the bed and the dining table. You can optionally add places of your choice – a sofa where you watch a movie in an embrace or a bathroom. This simple tip will help to keep smartphones from ruining relationships.


We rely on our digital devices and develop an unhealthy addiction to them over time. Time passes by, and one day you ask yourself, “How to forgive yourself for ruining a relationship?” People begin to feel the need to look at their smartphones regularly, and if, due to some circumstances, they cannot do this, then anxiety and panic arise. Unfortunately, few people understand that a mobile phone is a communication device. Smartphone addiction is one of the main reasons people cannot find a common language, develop their relationships, and reach mutual understanding. We hope that our simple tips will help you overcome this problem and avoid ruining relationships by overthinking.

Have you experienced the consequences of phone addiction in your personal life? How do you deal with this?

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