Life Is Better When It’s Grand


Life Is Better When It's Grand

Life Is Better When It’s Grand

I want to share with the world what I have found right here in Oklahoma, a place where one can escape to those special places many have only dreamed of…

East Coast shoreline, find a replica along the shorelines of Grand Lake; Upper Pacific Coast, it’s here!  Ever taken a cruise on the Rhine River in Germany, achieve that same feeling right here in certain areas on Grand Lake and save thousands.  Is fishing your thing and what about 4 Wheeling’… this is just the beginning!

We won’t talk about the cuisine right now or the beautiful vacation and retirement homes our Real Estate experts can show you (hope living on a cliff doesn’t bother you)… golfing, it’s here, along with highly equipped marinas.  Don’t get so excited you can’t sleep tonight; we’ll take it slowly so you can soak it all in…

I am a 61-year-old divorced gay male who came out later in life. Having taken time off from writing since my book came out a few years ago, apart from some limited writing during my LGBT advocacy years, with the help of my lifetime partner Spencer Aiello, I’ve decided to begin writing again.

Spencer and I have recently retired to Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees and are renovating our retirement home at the Lake. Squeezed in between these renovations, we have met many wonderful people and discovered a part of Oklahoma many do not even realize exists.

Prior to retirement, I lived the previous 38 years in Oklahoma City where my sons still reside with their families. We are creating a blog entitled, “Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees – Explore the Unexpected in Oklahoma”.

It will allow the reader to explore this mecca for tourism in Northeastern Oklahoma’s Green Country; in addition, one will realize just why this is one of America’s most desired retirement havens. Once you travel with us through our blog postings and photos, we are sure you will book your next getaway to Green County to see firsthand what all we have to offer. LIFE REALLY IS BETTER WHEN IT’S GRAND…™

As we explore the various residential communities at Grand Lake, readers will be given a reason why they should consider this beautiful place for their vacation or retirement home; there are communities to fit any budget, so relax, there will be a community for you. We’ll also throw in a variety of articles about the cuisine, activities, local businesses, events, and so much more, even featuring interviews with residents, tourists, and business owners.

This is just the beginning and will be a learning experience for all of us; welcome aboard, follow us on Angie’s Diary, you will love where we will take you…

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