Life In The Big Top World


Big Top World

Big Top World

Life is a circus, some may say

As others want you to follow their way

You then perform or put on an act

You’re not your true self, that’s a fact

Expression is freedom, to tell or to show

As you display skills, they didn’t know

Some may be seen as weird or a freak

Admiration & respect is all you seek

Using your talents to then entertain

Or to help others as proceeds you gain

Holding events for all those in need

To share your art, upon hearts to feed

Contortionists, aerialists & acrobats

Calling on artists with all kinds of acts

All who love performing or fashion

The fight against cancer, put into action

On hands, they balance or walking on stilts

Performing on poles, hoops, ropes & silks

Or dressed up, wondrous outfits they wear

All done for charity, showing they care

So take some time, take a look at their page

At pictures of how they appear on a stage

In a world of fun, laughter, sadness & tears

Think of those who put aside their fears

Having treatment for illness, a cure they pray

So leave the circus of your life, just for a day

Let compassion & sympathy be unfurled

Then enjoy the life of the big top world

Circus Couture

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