Thank you Jennifer Lopez!


Jennifer Lopez

I want to thank Jennifer Lopez: she has made my life less of a struggle than it used to be! Because of you, J-Lo, I can walk around with my “big behind” proudly.

fat-girlTake a huge behind and call it sexy and desirable, so sexy that actually those annoying, skinny ladies that don’t know how it feels to cope with the difficulties of shopping because they are so flat that everything will fit them, those ladies who don’t have a shred of cellulite on their body, that you could use their body to draw a straight line.

Those ladies who are eating only because it’s necessary and just stop because they are actually full, even though they have a delicious dessert in front of them, they are able to ignore a plate of peanuts or French fries placed in front of their nose, because they have just eaten.

Those thin ladies shamelessly complain about overeating and how they are disgusted by that.

Well, all you ladies, I use to be jealous of you and desired to look like you… Withdrawing to the kitchen, fooling myself with having only healthy food just to keep me full, and after eating healthily, I deserved a dessert, sporting like crazy, all this has made me tough as steel.

Well, it all changed: skinny is OUT; big butt is IN; I am HAPPY! – No more long shirts to cover or “tents” to hide. I am now comfortable with my body more than ever before. I feel good I feel sexy and I owe it all to you.

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