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Is the Baby Boomer Generation Past it?

Baby Boomer Generation

Is the Baby Boomer Generation Past it? – Has life passed us by?
Well, I don’t know.  But I am wondering…

We used to take acid; now it’s antacid.
We listened to The Doors; now we may not hear a knock on the door.

We joined the ACLU; now it’s the AARP.
Instead of a Love-In, it’s a Drive-Thru.

No more growing pot; just developing a pot.
Gone from Woodstock to chicken stock.

Never mind third parties; it’s often about third opinions.
No more folk-rock; sometimes, maybe, folk dancing.

Not listening to the Beatles; just spraying for beetles.
Burning bras?  Can’t even figure out how to burn a CD.  Whatever that is.

Used to say “Outasight!”  Now we practically are.
We don’t wear moo moos; just drink skimmed milk.

Not dressed in tie-dye–but some of our friends have died.
Yep.  Every now and then, I realize that some time must have passed.

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